Eye-Able Visual Aid Addons for edge

Eye-Able® – Visual Aid

By Web Inclusion GmbH

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Download Eye-Able Visual Aid addons 1.3.18 for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft edge store. Also, Eye-Able Visual Aid extension is very helpful for every computer Users.



Eye-Able® – Visual Aid extension Download for Microsoft edge

Firstly, Eye-Able Visual Aid Addons for Microsoft Edge Browser. Even more, the Eye-Able Visual Aid extension uses Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and the Microsoft Edge browser. Anyway, Eye-Able Visual Aid is developed by Web Inclusion GmbH. Maybe, Eye-Able Visual Aid Addons 1.3.18 Latest version extension free download with just a simple click. Microsoft Edge browser is the best alternative to Google Chrome browser.

Eye-Able Visual Aid Addons for Microsoft Edge

Secondly, Eye-Able Visual Aid is the most useful addon for Microsoft Edge Browser. You don’t know that this extension can be installed in the Microsoft Edge browser in addition to Google Chrome. In recent times more than one hundred thousand users install this extension. Therefore, Eye-Able Visual Aid add-ons free download for Microsoft Edge or Google chrome a personal web browser. Also more Turtles Wallpaper HD New Tab Theme

Eye-Able Visual Aid Addons for edge

Eye-Able Visual Aid Features for Edge

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Eye-Able® is a Chrome extension whose large variety of features allows you to customize any website according to your needs with one click. We want you to see every website exactly the way you need to.
All people should have easy and barrier-free access to information on the internet.

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We make websites visible, readable and therefore accessible. With Eye-Able® you can configure every website according to your very own needs. Visual impairments, including color deficiencies and other visual limitations can be compensated for by customizing the content elements as desired. For this purpose we have developed a contrast mode, intelligent font enlargement, a screen reader and several other features.

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✓ Font enlargement
Unlike the normal browser zoom, the intelligent Eye-Able® zoom offers you the possibility to enjoy a website in the same design, only with a larger font. To put it simply: Our zoom recognizes which content should be enlarged, and how much. The original page layout remains the same, but you can read the content with ease.

✓ Contrast mode
In our numerous interviews with users with visual disabilities, we learned which contrast combinations allow the most accessible view. We provide these modes to our users as options for background and font color. You can configure both the foreground and the background of every website just as you need it.

✓ Intuitive screen reader (audio output)
With our intuitive “read-aloud” function you can simply have the text content read to you. You are able to choose which content shall be read, or you can just listen to the whole page at once.

✓ Navigation via keyboard
In combination with our friendly audio output you can browse the internet without using a mouse or a screen. You can decide yourself which content you want to navigate via your keyboard.

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✓ Color deficiency compensation (red/green/blue deficiencies, as well as other contrast and color gradation modes)
✓ Intelligent blue filter according to position of the sun and time of the day
✓ Magnifier
✓ Hiding all images and animations
✓ Night mode
✓ Enlarged mouse pointer
✓ Accessible fonts for every website

In total, you have over 22 features available to make the internet more accessible for you.

For an extensive test of our tool, we provide our pro version free of charge for a limited period of time. You can use the full version one hour after your installation, or test all functions thoroughly for 7 days after registration on our website. (By the way, the full version does not even cost 2 € per month.)

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✓ Tab navigation
✓ Font enlargement
✓ Night mode
✓ Blue filter

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Accessibility is beneficial to many, for example:
✓ Those with visual impairments
✓ Those with learning disabilities
✓ The elderly
✓ Those who surf online a lot

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It is our vision to reduce the barriers on the internet significantly. This is exactly why we have developed our tool. In future, its range of features will continue to grow steadily, and of course your license includes all further updates!

★ ???? ???-????® ????? ??? ????? ??? ????:
“Finally, I can participate in the digital world, in spite of having only 10% residual vision – especially the contrast mode helps me a lot.”
– Marcel, 24, student

“As an administrative assistant, I am extremely fond of the night mode and the intelligent blue filter. They are a relief for all who otherwise cannot escape the blue light! :)“
– Luis, 32, administrative assistant

“For me, the screen reader is so convenient. When studying, I often like to have content read to me, which is mega easy with this tool.”
– Ina, 23, student

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Stop by and give it a try!

If you have any questions, we are happy to help – just drop us a line at [email protected]
Support: https://eye-able.com/support

How to install Eye-Able Visual Aid Extension for Microsoft Edge.

Most Importantly, If you have fast use of the Microsoft Edge browser you can face some problems. In other words, You need clear information on How to install Eye-Able Visual Aid   Add-on for Microsoft edge. On the 1st, click on the right corner three Dot in your edge browser and click on the extension. As a result, search there for Eye-Able Visual Aid. From there, click on the search at Eye-Able Visual Aid extension. Then, Right click on Get. After waiting for a while, your Eye-Able Visual Aid addons will be installed.

In conclusion, I think you are good information on this article on Eye-Able Visual Aid Add-on. If you have any problem with Eye-Able Visual Aid Add-ons install feel free to comment below next replay answer this question. Even more, must share your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest thanks.


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