NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Addons for edge

NoCoding Data Scraper – Simple Web Scraping

By miniRPA

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Download NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping addons 1.0.31 for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft edge store. Also, NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping extension is very helpful for every computer Users.



NoCoding Data Scraper – Simple Web Scraping extension Download for Microsoft edge

Firstly, NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Addons for Microsoft Edge Browser. Even more, the NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping extension uses Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and the Microsoft Edge browser. Anyway, NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping is developed by miniRPA. Maybe, NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Addons 1.0.31 Latest version extension free download with just a simple click. Microsoft Edge browser is the best alternative to Google Chrome browser.

NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Addons for Microsoft Edge

Secondly, NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping is the most useful add-ons for Microsoft Edge Browser. You don’t know that this extension can be installed in the Microsoft Edge browser in addition to Google Chrome. In recent times more than one hundred thousand users install this extension. Therefore, NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping add-ons free download for Microsoft Edge or Google chrome a personal web browser. Also read: PackagesLab

NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Addons for edge

NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Features for Edge

Instant FREE access without registration!
The easiest scraping with 3-click only!
Powerful multiple web page scraper without any coding required!
Visual recipes showing the page flow to scrape
All data stored safely in local with dual protection.
scheduled task running Automatically

Simply open a web page, let NoCoding Data Scraper recognize tabular data and pagination automatically, and tell NoCoding Data Scraper how to scrape data automatically and schedully.

NoCoding Data Scraper assists you to select elements with selectors intelligently, and support multple pagination mode, such as clicking next button, clicking load more button, clicking page no one by one, or infinite scroll to bottom. NoCoding Data Scraper even supports to scrape data and process it through multiple websites via pipeline mode.

Online video tutotial:

All Free Features:
• + Exit scraping when query conditions meet
• + Merge fields when dumping data
• + Data filter when scraping
• + Trigger new Recipe when one scraper done
• + Baidu cloud saving support
• + Wizard UI for Pro Recipe Editor
• + download image to local in batch
• + Intelligent scroll down control
• + Selector upgrade
• + Enhanced actions between steps
• + Google Sheet, Slack integration
• + Auto pagination upgrade
• + OCR support for digit, English and Simple Chinese[trial]
• + Speical key input support
• + Intelligent table scraper, pagination element selection
• + More intelligent data list & pagination element selection
• + Fastest AI table auto recognization
• + Friendly mock execution and data preview to ensure step defined correctly
• + Cross-websites scraping example
• + Free Facebook Email Finder recipe, Free LinkedIn Email Finder recipe
• + Free Google Map scraping recipe, Free Yelp scraping recipe
• + Pagination mock during recipe developing
• + Global javascript Hook support
• + Email extraction
• + Flexible data transformer
• + Realtime List and Detail data preview
• + Simplified Batch argument input UI
• + agrument input UI support when running recipe
• + data transformer for fields
• + default recipe importing when extension installed
• + sound prompt when wait command invoked
• + iframe support enhanced
• + select option iteration supportt
• + default field value (fixed) support
• + configurable AI data table recognization on panel
• + readable image file as dynamic field name
• + Conditional split for detail node – to handle same data category but different detail layout
• Automatic tabular data recognization
• Automatic multiple web page scraping
• Dynamic page scraping (Javascript + AJAX)
• Infinite scrolling support
• Multiple paginition mode support
• Cross-website scraping
• Page data change monitoring and getting notification immedaitely
• Visual recipes showing the steps of scraping
• Incremental data scraping
• Unlimited data export to Excel or CSV files
• International language support
• High privacy
• High Secruity
• No xpath, Css, json, iframe technical skills required for 99% websites
• No dependency beyond browser

Some Use Cases:
* Amazon sellers, distributors and review analysts gathering product pricing and reviews
* Sales generating leads from professional social profiles automatically and periodically
* Freelancers gathering email, addresses and phone numbers from public directories automatically
* Those working from home or remote automating some data related tasks safely
* Monitoring favored product price changes and getting notification immediately
* Small business owners managing ratings and reviews cross websites.
* SEO professionals using the scraper with SEO tools in unison
* Growth hackers looking for easy ways to collect data
* Recruiters looking for job candidates as schedule
* Job seeker looking for the best jobs from favored employers
* Marketing professionals analyzing social media sites
* Data science / scientists wanting more clean data
* Students learning data science and data mining

HOW DOES NoCoding Data Scraper WORK?
Scraper is a data extractor and converter which can harvest emails or any other text from web pages. NoCoding Data Scraper assists you to define recipes and task by using CSS Selector to identify the information in the HTML page. Then it scrapes that information as schedule and stores the result in your browser in form of a table which you can save as a CSV or XLSX file later. NoCoding Data Scraper supports UTF-8 so it scrapes English,日本語(Japanese),русский(Russian),中文(Chinese),한국어(Korean) etc with ease. No python,javascript,json, or xpath skill is required to use the tool.

All scraped data is always PRIVATE and visible only to you. Whether you’re using our free or paid plans, NoCoding Data Scraper
* DOES NOT KEEP your recipes, scraped data or wesbite account information(except the account you used to login the tool if registered),
* DOES NOT STORED OR SEND your scraped data to our servers,
* and DOES NOT SHARE your scraped data with anyone.
NoCoding Data Scraper uses your own computer, and runs as an browser extension that lives only in your browser. Nothing scraped leaves you computer.
NoCoding Data Scraper DOES NOT SCRAPE any data anonymously. The scraper strictly follows the recipe you defined or imported.

NoCoding Data Scraper ENCRYPTS all exported recipes for you, and registered users can set operational pin code for DUAL PROTECTION.

Your email address is used for login and notification purposes, and will NEVER be provided to others for any purposes without your explicitly agreement. NoCoding Data Scraper transmits your account information over HTTPS with additional AES encryption algothrim.

NoCoding Data Scraper requires you to understand and abide by the terms of use of whatever site you are scraping and that the user generated recipes are there for you to use “as is” without any obligation from NoCoding Data Scraper to modify or fix them or to help you to use them.

Browser extension persmissions required:
Tabs: required to manage the tabs opened when scraping multiple pages
activeTab: required to track active tab for the creating of recipe
WebNavigation: required to track the tabs opened when scraping multiple pages
storage: required to store scraped data and configuration
unlimitedStorage: required to store all scraped data for exporting later
notification: required to notify you when tasks done

Please let us know if you have any feedback or feature requests:
[email protected]
[email protected]

How to install NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Extension for Microsoft Edge.

Most Importantly, If you have fast use of the Microsoft Edge browser you can face some problems. In other words, You need clear information on How to install NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Add-on for Microsoft edge. On the 1st, click on the right corner three Dot in your edge browser and click on the extension. As a result, search there for NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping. From there, click on the search at NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping extension. Then, Right click on Get. After waiting for a while, your NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping addons will be installed.

In conclusion, I think you are good information on this article on NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Add-on. If you have any problem with NoCoding Data Scraper Simple Web Scraping Add-ons install feel free to comment below next replay answer this question. Even more, must share your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest thanks.


Price: free

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Technical Information

Version: 1.0.31
File size: 619KiB
Language: English (United States) 中文
Copyright: miniRPA


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