SwissNow ServiceNOW toolbox Addons for edge

SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox

By Lukasz Krzaczkowski

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Download SwissNow ServiceNOW toolbox Addons 0.11.202 for Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft edge store. Also, SwissNow ServiceNOW toolbox extension is very helpful for every computer Users.



SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox extension Download for Microsoft edge

Firstly, SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Addons for Microsoft Edge Browser. Even more, the SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox extension uses Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and the Microsoft Edge browser. Anyway, SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox is developed by Lukasz Krzaczkowski. Maybe, SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Addons 0.11.202 Latest version extension free download with just a simple click. Microsoft Edge browser is the best alternative to Google Chrome browser.

SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Addons for Microsoft Edge

Secondly, SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox is the most useful add-ons for Microsoft Edge Browser. You don’t know that this extension can be installed in the Microsoft Edge browser in addition to Google Chrome. In recent times more than one hundred thousand users install this extension. Therefore, SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox add-ons free download for Microsoft Edge or Google chrome a personal web browser. Also read: PackagesLab

SwissNow ServiceNOW toolbox Addons for edge


SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Features for Edge

Swiss Knife for ServiceNOW. Lightweight toolbox for ServiceNOW.
Using SwissNow, you can:
1. Check current logged in user, selected Update Set, Scope and Domain
2. Check plaftorm information (e.g. nodes). Switch active node.
3. Switch to the same record/view in another ServiceNow environment
4. View recent changes tracked in Update Sets
5. Custom utility scripts (= parametrized background scripts)
6. Configuration packages – export records from multiple tables into single file with just one click
7. Compare the same record or the same list of records on different environments. Multi-line values (e.g. scripts) highlights changed lines. Comparison of workflow activities on a list ( includes activity variables (e.g. script in RunScript action)
8. Compare all rows/records in a list with each other
9. Add a prefix in your tab title – the prefix will indicate the ServiceNow environment you’re connected to
10. Watch list. You can monitor a result of a list query. Once list content has been changed, you will receive a desktop notification.
11. Embed current view in the ServiceNow UI. Pop-pop current view from the ServiceNow UI
12. Generate GlideRecord code for selected query
13. Edit ServiceNow background scripts locally, using your favourite IDE/editor (press CTRL-Enter to execute script)
14. Cancel your long-running blocking transactions
15. Search table by name
16. Context menu search global search
17. Add arbitrary records to an update set

There is a separate version of the plugin to be used with OnPrem ServiceNow instances.

How to install SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Extension for Microsoft Edge.

Most Importantly, If you have fast use of the Microsoft Edge browser you can face some problems. In other words, You need clear information on How to install SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Add-on for Microsoft edge. On the 1st, click on the right corner three Dot in your edge browser and click on the extension. As a result, search there for SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox. From there, click on the search at SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox extension. Then, Right click on Get. After waiting for a while, your SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox addons will be installed.

In conclusion, I think you are good information on this article on SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Add-on. If you have any problem with SwissNow – ServiceNOW toolbox Add-ons install feel free to comment below next replay answer this question. Even more, must share your social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest thanks.


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5/5 (1 ratings)

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