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Download and install the Gerrit FE Dev Helper extension 0.0.11 for Microsoft edge store. Also, !Gerrit FE Dev Helper addons is very helpful for every computer and mobile Users.



Gerrit FE Dev Helper extension for Edge

Recently Microsoft Edge is the most popular browser in the world. Also, Gerrit FE Dev Helper Extension For Microsoft Edge you can help quality browser using. Day by Day, increase user Microsoft Edge. Simple yet powerful Cookie Editor that allow you to quickly create, edit and delete cookies without leaving your tab.

Be careful! Do not share your cookies with anyone you do not trust! Cookies can contain very sensitive information like your login information. If you share your cookies with someone, they could gain full access to your account and compromise it.

In the event that you have wanted to download! Gerrit FE Dev Helper extension onto the latest version of Microsoft Edge, there is a simple and straightforward course of action. The following steps will enable you to download and install any extensions that you might want to use.

Download Gerrit FE Dev Helper extension for Microsoft Edge is the most popular Microsoft edge browser! Gerrit FE Dev Helper extension free download alternative website. On this website when you can download Extensions no need for any Registration. I think you have a better solution to this website. Gerrit FE Dev Helper is the Developer Tools category extension in the Microsoft Edge web store.

Anyway, You can understand that how to download the free Gerrit FE Dev Helper extension 0.0.11 simply by visiting our website. There are no special technical skills required to save the files on your computer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead!

Gerrit FE Dev Helper extension Features

This extension can help you development on gerrit sites, frontend specifically
A chrome extension that can help FE developers for Gerrit UI.


#### v0.0.12

– Restrict the extension to only work for Google hosted Gerrit
– Add documentation about testing and publishing the extension

#### v0.0.11

– Fix CORS preflight interception
– Update npm deps
– Make the extension look a bit nicer

#### v0.0.10

– Bumped lit version to 2.2.3

#### v0.0.9

– Move cors / cache override to rules, so user can disable it from the popup
– Change header value separator from `,` to `|`, as `,` can be part of the value while `|` is unlikely
– Fix `onGerritReady` to use tag name instead of id and max at 5s 😉

#### v0.0.8

– **BREAKING CHNAGE**: Gerrit is moving to `gr-app.js` only, so `gr-app.html` will no longer exists, we have updated default rules to forward to `gr-app.js` as well, in case you are still using `gr-app.html`, please modify that redirect rule by changing `gr-app.js` to `gr-app.html`
– Add `addRespHeader` operator, thanks to Edward <>
– Add `injectExp` operator, as gerrit now supports experiments, this is a quick way to force enabling certain experiments, experiments should be separated by `,`


– Fix the issue when multiple rule matches one url for onBeforeRequest
– Block will always take the highest priority
– Then Redirect
– Ignore the rest
– Add a new operator as `injectJsModule`, with plugins moving to polymer 3, certain plugins will be written in modules, and to inject moduled js plugins, use this rule
– This will basically add a `type=”module”` to the script tag when load the script so we can use `import` inside
– With `type=”module”`, `document.currentScript` will become `null` so we won’t be able to infer the plugin url, to workaround this, make sure you call `Gerrit.install` with the third parameter: `Gerrit.install(() => {}, undefined, ‘the_url’)` so Gerrit can treat it as a legit plugin
– Keep using `injectJsPlugin` if its a single bundled js file


– Add two new operators:
– `addReqHeader` to add arbitrary header when you send a request
– `rRespHeader` to remove arbitrary header on any response
– Modify default rules to show # of js errors in the helper tip
– Add a new default rule to send x-test-origin with gerrit-fe-dev-helper on all requests when enabled


– set crossorigin to anonymous to help debug js error from plugin
– improve the ui on popup
– remove outdated rule of replacing gr-app-p2 with gr-app


– A better way to wait for Gerrit when injecting html plugins


– hotfix


– Remove restriction on gerrit sites (some features won’t work if its not a valid gerrit site)
– Update README


– Enable the extension with a single click
– Allow export / import rules
– Show a error for 5s if rule destination is invalid (can not reach)
– Show an announcement for the change for 3 seconds for first time users
– Persist enable / disable state per tab
– Support temporary disable rule without deleting it
– Move injection to document_end
– Support reset to reset rules to initial state
– Support proxy live requests to local on googlesource sites
– Support 6 types of rules: redirect, block, injectJS code/url, inject html code / url
– Support add / remove / modify rules

In conclusion, the process for modifying our browser’s behavior to add the word count feature is unbelievably simple. In this regard, an extension not only solves a problem that we have but also adds a greater degree of functionality to the experience of using an Edge browser. If you have any problem with Gerrit FE Dev Helper Add-ons install feel free to comment below next replay to answer this question.


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