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Image Downloader Extension For Microsoft Edge. you can many images download on the current page. Just a simple click.

Image Downloader extension for Edge

Image Downloader Extension For Microsoft Edge you can help quality browser using. This guide will help you to download Image Downloader extension for edge 3.3.3 on their website. Anyway, Image Downloader is developed by Pact Interactive.  First, you must download their Edge browser then this guide will help to install on their browser through the extension.

In the event that you have wanted to download an extension onto the latest version of Microsoft Edge, there is a simple and straightforward course of action. The following steps will enable you to download and install any extensions that you might want to use.

Image Downloader extension for Edge is the most popular Microsoft edge browser extension free download alternative website. On this website when you can download Extensions no need for any Registration. I think you have a better solution to this website. Image Downloader is the Productivity category extension in the Microsoft Edge web store.

Anyway, You can understand that how to download the free Image Downloader extension 3.3.3 simply by visiting our website. No special technical skills are required to save the files on your computer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Also Read: SmartProxy extension Download for Edge

Image Downloader extension Features

? Image Downloader
If you want to download many images at once, with this extension you can:
– Explore images on the current page
– Filter by width, height, or URL
– One-click download or open any single image in a new tab
– Save to a subfolder
– Rename downloaded files
– Download in background!

Note: if you haven’t set a default download directory you will have to choose the save location for each image. This may open many popup windows! We recommend you set a download directory in your browser settings instead.

❓ FAQs
? Why does this extension need access to all my site data?
In order to extract images from a web page, Image Downloader needs to be able to read all the content on that web page when you open the popup. No data leaves your computer. For more details check out our Privacy Policy:

? Why did this extension download smaller images than I expected? Why did it miss some images?
Image Downloader can only extract the images currently visible on the page. Those may sometimes be smaller thumbnails of the full-resolution images you’d expect to see when you click on a photo (e.g. in Facebook albums). In addition, some websites like Instagram have carousels with multiple images, but only load a few at a time to save bandwidth.

We’re looking into adding such capabilities to Image Downloader in the future. If you need this kind of functionality right now, consider looking for an extension that downloads images from the specific website you’re interested in (e.g. Facebook).

? Change Log
– Disable slider handles when the checkbox is unchecked
– Add tooltips to slider handles, slider checkboxes, and the Download button
– Fix some issues with downloads not being cleaned up

– Download in the background – you can now close the popup and the images will keep downloading!
– Download single images into subfolder – previously they were saved into the browser’s default directory
– Improve background image detection

– Fix images sometimes being saved outside the specified subfolder

– Removed unnecessary images from styles
– Made slider handles round and change cursor based on active state

– “Now with even more images!” – find additional background images on the page
– Allow forward and back slashes in subfolder and file paths
– Bring back blue border around selected images
– Show number of selected images

– Fixed an issue with previewing images in Instagram (and other websites). Requires additional permissions to treat image requests as if they’re coming directly from Instagram, not from the extension.

– Fixed a scrollbar issue

– Show advanced filters by default

– Fixed an issue with some files being saved outside of the targeted subfolder

– Prevent typing special characters in text inputs

– Design refresh ✨
– Added support for .ico and .tif / .tiff images

– Workaround for browser disallowing access to cross-domain CSS rules

– Fixed an issue where invalid URLs would break the extension –
– Updated Zepto.js to 1.2.0

– Added an option to rename downloaded files

– Added support for .bmp, .svg, and .webp images
– Added support for relative URLs
– Improved popup loading speed by searching through fewer elements

– Removed the unnecessary permission to access tabs
– Removed the donation prompt due to issues with it not disappearing after the first time as it should; now, the options page will be opened on first install instead
– Save the value of the URL filter
– Another attempt to fix some sizing issues

– Added image width / height slider filters
– Added a one-time reset of all settings due to some people having sizing issues
– Removed the sort by URL option

– Added the ability to save downloaded files to a subfolder
– Utilized the browser downloads API
– Implemented a cleaner, grid-based design
– Clicking on an image URL textbox will now automatically select the text so users can copy it
– Fixed a few minor display issues
– Added settings for number of columns, removed border style setting
– Added donation buttons on the options page

– Images used in a style tag will now also be included at the end of the list. Only images from inline style attributes of elements used to be included.
– Added support for data URI
– Several bug fixes and optimizations


– Changed the URL above the image to be displayed in a read-only textbox
– Moved the image checkboxes to the top and added open & download buttons below each
– Initially disabled the “Download” button and “All” checkbox
– Introduced a few new options to hide filters, buttons and notification
– Removed the body width option; the width of the popup now resizes relatively to the maximum image width option
– Streamlined the design

– Fixed saving of minimum and maximum image width
– Added the URL above the image itself and an option to toggle it
– Added wildcard filter mode (alongside normal and regex)
– The state of the selected filters will now be saved
– Moved the “Sort by URL” option back to the filters
– Added a “Clear Data” button to options page
– Refactored a lot of code, especially the use of local storage


– Added a notification to let the user know that download has started
– Added some animations and polished the options notifications a bit more
– Fixed some event handlers that were being attached multiple times

– Migrated to jQuery
– Implemented indeterminate state for “All” checkbox
– The “Download” button will now be disabled if no images are checked
– Fixed a bug with reseting options – now the user can choose to save the reset values or simply cancel the reset by reloading the page – just like it says in the notification

– Changed the download mechanism to support browser versions 21+
– Added an “Only show linked images” filter option that can be useful when you only want to download images that are in a URL on the page.

– Added a download confirmation

– The number of images will now be displayed next to the “All” checkbox

– Added detection of image URLs in anchor tags; note that this feature will not detect URLs that don’t have .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png file extensions – it relies on a regular expression as to avoid possibly sending hundreds of requests to external servers

– Removed the desktop notification system that popped up when you press “Download” in favor of a text description that should feel easier to control (through Options) and less intrusive; this should also require fewer permissions for the extension
– Added an option to hide the download notification; most people should understand the download process after only reading it once
– Made some minor UI tweaks

– Fixed an issue with multiple unnecessary empty images

– Elements that display an image using the “background-image” CSS property will now also be extracted

– Added a notification that alerts the user when the download process has begun and explains where to look for the files

How do I install the Image Downloader extension?

First, open up your browser and click on the three lines at the top left of your screen. Next, select “More tools” then “extensions” then “get extensions” then choose an extension to use. Press “Add.” At this point, the extension has been installed.

How do I uninstall the Image Downloader extension?

To uninstall an extension, open up your browser, click on the three lines at the top left of your screen, select “more tools,”

In conclusion, the process of modifying our browser’s behavior to add the word count feature is unbelievably simple. In this regard, an extension not only solves a problem that we have but also adds a greater degree of functionality to the experience of using an Edge browser. If you have any problem with the Image Downloader Add-ons install feel free to comment below next replay to answer this question.


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