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Download and install the ROPRO extension 1.5.9 for Microsoft edge store. Also, ROPRO addons is very helpful for every computer and mobile users Users.



Download RoPro extension for Microsoft Edge extension for Edge

ROPRO Extension For Microsoft Edge you can help quality browser using. Day by Day, increase user Microsoft Edge. This guide will help you to download ROPRO extension 1.5.9  on their website. Anyway, ROPRO is developed by ROPRO. First, you must download their Edge browser then this guide will help to install on their browser through the extension.

In the event that you have wanted to download an extension onto the latest version of Microsoft Edge, there is a simple and straightforward course of action. The following steps will enable you to download and install any extensions that you might want to use.

Download ROPRO extension for Microsoft Edge is the most popular Microsoft edge browser an extension free download alternative website. On this website when you can download Extensions no need for any Registration. I think you have a better solution to this website. ROPRO is the Productivity category extension in the Microsoft Edge web store.

Anyway, You can understand that how to download the free ROPRO extension 1.5.9 simply by visiting our website. There are no special technical skills required to save the files on your computer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead!

ROPRO extension Features

The perfect tool for players & traders. RoPro adds dozens of usefulfeatures to Roblox.
New for RoPro Plus users:
• Animated Themes – Equip high quality animated backgrounds on Roblox. View your theme across the site and show it off to other RoPro users on your profile! Toggle your animated theme between HD & 4K, and even customize the color, saturation, and brightness! [v1.5.7]
• Trade Search – Quickly search for items in the trade window. No more scrolling through endless pages to find the item you want! [v1.5.7]
Unlock these new features and tons more at

What’s new in RoPro:
• [v1.5.8] Quick Play – Adds a handy play button when hovering game thumbnails which lets you launch the game in a single click!
• [v1.5.0] RoPro Cloud Play – Launch Roblox games in your browser via Cloud Play is currently only available to players in the United States & Canada, with more regions coming soon! Affiliate Program Disclosure: RoPro Cloud Play uses a affiliate link, and RoPro earns a percentage of revenue from advertisements which run on (after cloud server costs).
• [v1.5.0] RoPro Themes Revamp – Adds 100+ new high quality themes, with a slider to set page foreground opacity.
• [v1.5.0] Hide Private Servers – Hide those pesky private servers crowding your server list!
• [v1.5.0] Quick Equip Items – Quickly equip items you own on your avatar from the item page.
• [v1.3.6] Avatar Sandbox Revamped – The RoPro Avatar Sandbox is back, now with support for layered clothing and both 2D & 3D rendering. Avatar Sandbox is your own virtual dressing room which lets you try on any outfit you can imagine!
• [v1.3.5] Global Themes – Adds your profile theme to the background of all Roblox pages! This feature is off by default, you can enable it in the RoPro settings or the profile themes menu.
• [v1.3.4] Most Popular Sort – Adds a new sort to the top of the discover page which displays experiences across Roblox with the most active players. Use the genre filter dropdown to view the top experiences across dozens of genres!
• [v1.3.1] RoPro Egg Collection – RoPro has partnered with Egg Hunt 2022: Lost in Time to bring the joy of hunting eggs back to Roblox! RoPro users can now view their Egg Hunt 2022 egg collection in 3D on their Roblox profile and show off their collection to other players!
• [v1.3.1] Quick Item Search [Pro Tier Only] – Easily search for limited items in the search dropdown using the item’s acronym or name. Also embeds a quick link to the page for each limited.
• [v1.3.0] Server Filters – Adds useful filtering options to the experience server list:
◦ Smallest First – Reverses the order of the server list, showing the emptiest servers first!
◦ Not Full – Shows servers which are not yet full!
◦ Custom Player Count – Choose the maximum server capacity to show on the server list!
◦ Server Region [Subscribers Only] – Filter the server list by the specific region of each server!
◦ Best Connection [Subscribers Only] – RoPro will display the servers which are likely to have the
fastest ping for you!
◦ Newest/Oldest Servers [Subscribers Only] – Sort the server list by the servers with the newest
or oldest uptime! Useful for when an experience has recently updated.
• [v1.3.0] Experience Quick Search – RoPro will display the most relevant experience for your search term directly in the search dropdown. Quickly join the experience by clicking the quick play button!
• [v1.3.0] Offline Indicator – Adds a helpful offline indicator on a user’s profile where the online indicator typically is. Hover this indicator to see how long the user has been offline for!
• [v1.3.0] More Server Info [Standard Tier & Pro Tier Only] – Adds server region, update version, and uptime next to a server on the server list.
• Bug Fixes & More – Fixed Server Filters button not appearing along with other small bugs.
• [v1.2.7] Server Invite Links – Invite other users to any game server using a custom generated server invite link! Share this link on desktop, tablet, or mobile to invite other players.
• [v1.2.7] Join Random Server Button – Adds a new button next to the play button! Pressing this button will choose a random server to join, rather than Roblox automatically placing you in a server which your friends are in. Very useful for for server hopping.
• [v1.2.7] Body Style Selector – Brought the mobile avatar editor’s body selector to the desktop site, with some improvements!
• [v1.2.6] Avatar Editor Revamped – Added “Currently Wearing” section to Roblox’s default avatar editor. Added “Outfit Cost” calculation. Added RoPro Quick Equip button, which makes it much easier to equip items from your inventory to your avatar. Added tons of Avatar Editor backgrounds which change the default look of the Avatar Editor box!
• [v1.2.6] Avatar Sandbox Revamped – Added animations & animation packs to the Sandbox! Equipping items in the Sandbox is now instant (no more loading time). You can now switch between R6 and R15 in the Sandbox. The Sandbox renderer now runs at 60 FPS.
• RoPro Trade Panel – Added a new Trade Panel which has many free trading features to make your trading experience 1000x more efficient!
• Rejoin Recent Servers – RoPro will now remember your most recent server in a game, and you can easily rejoin a recent active server after leaving or being disconnected!
• Mutual Friends – Displays your mutual friends with a user on their profile and on their friends page (similar to the Discord mutual friends feature).
• Upcoming Items – Integrates with to display recently discovered Roblox items which have not yet been released onto the catalog. You can find the “Upcoming Items” section on the Roblox catalog.
• Item Info Card – Adds a useful button to each item on the Roblox trade window which displays tons of information, including recently detected sales of that item, recent price changes, and even a warning label if the item is far above its normal price (Projected).

Some key RoPro features:
• Roblox Avatar Sandbox – Try out any item combo on your Roblox avatar without owning the items!
• Most Played Games – Adds your most played games to the Roblox home page along with how many hours you’ve played them!
• Trade Value Calculator – Calculates trade values using updated values!
• Profile Themes – Customize your Roblox profile with custom backgrounds & HD wallpapers + RoPro subscribers can use animated wallpaper backgrounds on their Roblox profile
• Game Genre Filters & More Filters – Sort the games page by Genre & more filters
• Trade Notifier – Pro Tier subscribers get a trade notifier with a built in item value calculator. Easily decline or cancel a trade or open it in a new tab right from the notification. To upgrade to Pro Tier please visit:
• Trade Bot Defender – Flag traders as trade bots, and easily decline all inbound trades from users you’ve flagged
• And dozens more unique features with new features added every update… for a full list please visit our homepage at

What’s New in Version 1.1.8 (2/26/2021):
• Added Most Played Games & Playtime Tracking Feature!
• Added a few other small features
• Some bugfixes, including fixing the bug that caused the Avatar Sandbox to break
• Big features coming in version 1.2.0!

What’s New in Version 1.1.7 (2/14/2021):
• Fixed Pro Tier features that broke with a new Roblox update
• Fixed issue with reputation voting feature that caused it to become randomly disabled
• Added Localization & Internationalization support for dozens of languages
• Several more features coming soon for version 1.1.8!

What’s New in Version 1.1.6 (1/13/2021):
• Added additional security measures and patched vulnerabilities; group rank integration feature removed
• Trade Bot Defender – New Free Tier feature, flag users as trade bots and decline all trade bots!
• Quick Decline/Cancel – Quickly decline or cancel a trade from the sidebar without a popup
• Display whether a RAP based item is Under or Over its RAP Requirement in the trade window
• Fixes some incompatibilities with other Roblox extensions, including Roblox+ & BTRoblox
• Adds offsale items to the Avatar Sandbox

RoPro operates on a subscription model. While we offer tons of cool features for Free Tier users, users who would like to unlock even more features can upgrade their membership!

We are constantly working on new features! To suggest features you would like us to add to RoPro or to report bugs with RoPro please join our Discord server.

Important Note: RoPro is a third party Chrome browser extension, we are not affiliated with Roblox or Rolimons (where Roblox item values are sourced). For information on how we use and safeguard user data, please read our privacy policy:


In conclusion, the process for modifying our browser’s behavior to add the word count feature is unbelievably simple. In this regard, an extension not only solves a problem that we have but also adds a greater degree of functionality to the experience of using an Edge browser. If you have any problem with ROPRO Add-ons install feel free to comment below next replay to answer this question.


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