How do I make Xfinity my homepage on Microsoft Edge?

fast of all, Follow the steps below and make Xfinity my homepage on Microsoft Edge

    1. Open a new tab and go to the Xfinity you want as your home page.
    2. There are three dots right under the X in the upper right corner. Click on those, then click on settings.
    3. In the left column, click on “Start, home, and new tabs”
    4. On the right side under the “When Edge starts” section click on the “Open these pages” radio button and then on the button to the far right, “Use all open tabs.”
    5. In the second section labeled “Home Button” in the second option there, click the radio button and enter the web address in the line. Make sure the slider button on the far right is not greyed out, if so, click it to turn it on.
    6. Close and reopen Edge to test a new tab and the home button.

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